The Clan was founded in 2008 by Alessandro (Katana) and initially composed by a group of friends who have known each other since their childhood and by others who were picked up along the way (Suppa, Dominator, Darcyl, Angelscry), all united by the desire to have their own space in which to share their passion.
The first games in which we have honed our skills are Rainbow Six Vegas 2, followed by Call of Duty: World at War. Later on we decided that the Battlefield series would better suit our tastes and needs, ever after oriented towards hardcore gaming experiences and teamwork.

A strong passion for the First Person Shooter genre has always been the drive that kept our Clan and our community alive, however we have never disdained any other genre and have always delved and ventured into new experiences.

Our endeavours have been recorded by the Youtube channel KatanaLive, which, with its live streaming and videos, has been able to capture many moments of the clan’s history and by which we have made ourselves known, expanding the community with whom we have shared tons of game hours.

BzX have never adopted a strict code of conduct or any kind of rule, we have always granted freedom to each and every member. When looking for new members we have never judged people on “skills” in videogames and we have always made our goal to create an environment of friendship based on mutual respect and democracy.

That said, we BzX have always welcomed new challenges, in case you were interested in confronting us on the field of battle, please click on this link ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And if you ever were so curious as to want to know what it means to be BzX…

Come get some!